want to deepen your connection with your team of Angels, develop your intuition and learn Angelic healing? are you willing to listen to the calling in your heart? are you willing to set aside everything you “know” and step inside a new paradigm? can you feel the Angels move through you? will you embrace them?

this 11-Day Exclusive Class is a path with direct embodiment meditation practices. as such, there is no “teaching” but rather a deep and profound remembrance. you will open your channel wider - and clearer - to receive the Angels energy.


11-Day Exclusive Angelic Class, begins every other month on the 11th. I am Ana Eugénio the Founder of the Angelic Healing School and of the Angelic School Tribe, and Creatrix of the Angelic Class. I will share intuitive practices of connection and healing, on a journey of self discovery. I connect with the Angels since I was born, but only in 2006 I realized not everyone channeled as easily as me. so I chose to share this gift.

this Class is self-paced and includes: a private group on Facebook + daily emails for the duration of the course to support your practice + two Exclusive 1:1 video-calls (I'm a certified Hypnotherapist and these video-calls include a 1:1 Regression with the Reiki protection and healing Energy, to seek answers to what the Class will reveal) + Attunement with your team of Angels + guided meditations + a Exclusive virtual tribe which gathers once a month for Q&A and to practice healing meditation, and much more.