May is my birth month and, to celebrate my New Year, I'll be doing a daily Live video in the Angelic School Tribe group during the whole month.. starting tomorrow :) every weekend I’ll share the topics for the week ahead. join our sisterhood today :)

Monday, 1st: introduce myself. where am I from? talk about my family.

Tuesday, 2nd: talk about my business. why did I start it? for how long?

Wednesday, 3rd: what is my favorite memory with my family last year?

Thursday, 4th: who are 3 people I admire and respect? why?

Friday, 5th: what are 3 stress relieving tips I can offer?

Saturday, 6th: how do I practice gratitude? what am I grateful for?

Sunday, 7th: what are 3 lessons I learned last year?

xxo, Ana