hello Angelic sister,

many things have been changing in my Life and I chose to focus only on the Angelic School.. so I no longer have gigs on my Fiverr account and only left the Etsy shop open because it is truly to help a friend.. and I chose to invest on my work with the Angels and share some with you, through written channeling or tarot reading or video.. as my intuition guide me to.. on the Angelic Healing Newsletter, through Monday 'till Friday (starting next week).. I chose to respect myself and save the weekend for me, my family and friends.. I'm changing inside, finding my place in this new life (since I collapsed in 2008).. I'm learning to breathe again!

today I felt I should look in the mirror and found the reflexion of my transformation in the tarot and oracle cards.. I am fascinated how the cards resonate with how I am feeling.. blame it on the New Moon energy, that have been shifting my perceptions and preparing me for the New beginning on Sunday.


this spread speaks of fierce, fiery, insight and intuition all over. I see messages from above, I see myself taking action and regaining power over my Life. I see death and rebirth. an annihilation and purging power of all that is unnecessary.. I see myself giving and growing. Swords are ruled by Air and I am a Gemini.. so, so deeply connected with this Element! but this is not all about me, beloved.. this reading is also about what the New Moon will bring us as a collective tribe.

expect change in your life, dear soul sister. you have figure that out already, haven't you? it is time to walk your talk. expect new perspectives opening up for you. Owl has made her appearance TWICE! how can we not see her, right!? she screams abundance and clairvoyance.. she invite us to honour the Goddess.. she represents wealth, beauty and good fortune.. either in spiritual or material form.

with Owl wisdom by our side, this New Moon we will *see* and *know* exactly what to do with our New treasures.. how they can further serve our path and bring abundance to the world. trust that this wellspring is infinite. your Soul Self, the truest most intuitive part of you is the one you are safe within, you are your most creative within, and the truest Self you have.. let's honour it this New Moon cycle!

sending you so much love and joy,


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