today I am sharing my perspective of Life and the Divine.. I know when it comes to politics or religion we listen to everyone's point of view and agree or disagree - but we don't argue trying to be right. this is merely my belief, I don't need to be right to have my Faith.. I would love to learn your perspective too.. feel free to comment!

my perspective of God adds me peace. first I got angry. I believe it is inevitable. peace became real because, despite the fears to which we conditioned ourselves, I accepted to be angry. and I began to notice how much Life has always taken care of me. rarely as I would like. and that's where we get angry. along the way I learned that there is Harmony in everything that happens (know that I have a chronic illness and still I can find Harmony on everything that brought me to this reality).

for me, God is the oneness of everything that exists. I like this example: God is a beach. every grain of sand is a living Being. God is all. every grain of sand is part of God. as we have become used to consider the separation real: man and woman, life and death. we think that God is an entity. separated from us. we think that Life is reduced to our rational perception (although we all live experiences that transcend our rationality). and we forget that there is a common bond: everything is Energy. since from this perspective nothing distinguishes us from one another, the ego resists to the loss of individuality. however, everything is Energy. is real from any perspective. accepting that everything is Energy makes the ego secondary. open us the doors of the Universe.

God is simply the oneness of all manifestations of Energy. a conversation with God only seems psychotic from the rational perspective of the ego. it only seems psychotic because we have created a human perception of our divinity. and we began to believe that there is duality: good and bad, right and wrong, sacred and profane. we forgot that each of us is part of God. the power of creation is real in all of us. we are creating what we believe in. this is the simplicity of the divine Creation: we are creating what we believe in.

our humanity is a collective tangle. it is hard to wake up. because everything is one. it is possible to wake up. because only Harmony is real. the difficult thing is for our ego to let go of our individuality. as long as we are afraid of being angry (fear of divine punishment) we are conditioned by our mental perception of Life. the rebellion is latent. is human in each one of us. God happens when we cease to be afraid of losing everything we think we have. I know from experience. that is where we meet again with what is real in us. the idea that the divine is something separated from our humanity excuses us of the creative act. we only understand the existence of God when we accept knowing our own existence. each one of us is part of the divine. God is the oneness of all that exists.

each one of us is a grain of sand. God is the beach. everything is Energy.

I know, at first it leaves us restless. if God is the beach and we are the sand, who is the protector? who holds the divine will? it is simple: it is the Harmony. collective. God is the Energy of all that exists. it is the nothingness that is everything. this is just my truth: each one of us is God. and none of us is. God is the oneness.

this is the greatness of our insignificance.