the Full Moon is a time of harvest, self-love and appreciation for all the things we have been given and have earned. is a time for celebration and cherish what gives us joy.. although the devil card also remind us to be aware of addictive patterns, habits or relationships.. to be moderate and mindful. the stars match the perfect marriage to help us deal with this card. Life give us the challenges and their solutions within. the Eclipse is bringing to surface our shadow side, our dependencies. while the vibes of Mama Moon come to rescue us and guide us to a conscious change. self-love and gratitude are the answer to your questions.

the things we have been given and have earned are also our gifts to the world and to the collective consciousness. abundance is limitless. believe it. the nine of cups is the card of our dreams coming true. but please remember: you first need to release the negativity in your life.. to make room for something greater. it is truly an upgrade. hang out with the people that make you happy, that give you confidence. the cards talk about a challenge, an awakening to what is wrong and also about the bliss and the harmony that will follow. after recognizing our shadow and let the change occur, a new phase of peace and harmony awaits us.

but this Moon phase also brings to surface your unrecognized potential born from the energy of the divine feminine. the mother of wands nurtures, protects and guides. she, as the Moon, gently births us into being, shows us how to live in the world, by walking a strong walk, and protects us from harm. many can see your determination and grace, but only few have noticed your forceful nature. you might even have overcome great pain in your life. but guess what! to heal, humanity needs traumatized people that overcome their trauma. the devil say it is time to let go. the nine of cups bring peace after the storm.

and. you. will. be. seen.