I had a Aha moment when I realized that, living near the clouds, disconnect me from human reality. I connect with the sky and the clouds, the birds and the Angels.. and my feet levitate.. and my mind unplug.. so today I am sharing with you what brings me back to reality, living so high above the ground.

1) Full Moon recharged crystals help me to return to Earth (and yayyy! this Saturday we have a Full Moon, and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse that makes it even more magical).. since there are FOUR kitties living with us, I have large and tall glass jars where I place my mala necklaces and the crystals I'm working with and I leave them by the window, under the moonlight (yes, we are that privileged).

2) taking a hot shower brings me back to my body completely (as a substitute to walking in the sea). if I add it a hot soup, I'm ready for bed. as our body heals itself while we sleep so it's a win-win.

3) connecting with a tree through meditation works for me. but it needs to be a tree that I have been with physically. I have a tree, near my home, that adopted me. I can see her from my bedroom balcony and I easily connect with her because she accepted me.

4) focusing my intention and breathing through my heart center is amazingly simple and extremely effective. every time you exhale, simple say: my intention resides in my heart center. and feel how quickly you ground. do it three times in a row and relax.

5) eating chocolate. so true! I learned this one listening to my body.. when I started giving Reiki classes.. whenever everyone had left and I stopped channeling, my body asked me eagerly for chocolate. so I started preparing my classes with enough water for everyone, some snacks and chocolate to help everyone to root after the attunements. pure magic!