I wrote about the first Full Moon of 2017 (last Thursday) on my Instagram account (if you don't have Instagram, now you can follow my updates here in the School site, simply click to see the Home page and scroll 'till the bottom). the energy of this Full Wolf Moon is still very present, so today I did a reading on what to expect from our body, mind & spirit. the tarot accuracy never cease to amaze me.. 

:: body :: the Elder of Air shows us how to experience communion with the Great Mystery through worship, praise, or meditation. this is a time for making decisions. make sure they are made ethically with fairness to all. the Elder of Air (also known as King of Swords) offers the gift of inspiration, balance, and clarity.

:: mind :: the (High) Priestess remind us it is time to go within and develop non-linear, non-rational ways of knowing. to pay close attention to our dreams. to let our intuition flow. to listen to the still small voice within. it is the Lady’s voice, and it speaks of mysteries, secrets, and truth.

:: spirit :: the World is the best of all possible cards to get in a reading, because it represents the culmination of our spiritual journey. it signifies wholeness and an integration of our spiritual, emotional, and physical lives. a major cycle of our life is complete, and a new one will soon begin.


all readings include picture and pdf.. these are not question/answer readings*

all readings can be done any time and include 1 page with insights for each card.

*all that you wish to tell me about yourself is welcome.. such as: what are your biggest struggles on your spiritual path? what is your existing spiritual practice, if you have one? what is your wish for your spiritual self in 6-12 months? (on the 'Subject' field, please confirm which purchase you have made). thank you!

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