today I'm sharing an exclusive class from the 21-Day Usui Traditions course. we are going to play with our own energy, creating Chi Balls, and practicing self healing. 

Chi (from Chinese), Ki (Japanese) or Prana (Indian).Chi is a type of Life energy that the body of any living being produces from various sources such as air, water, food and the sun, being our health dependent on its greater or lesser degree of harmony and fluidity.

Creating a Chi Ball

  1. sit comfortably.

  2. rub your hands briskly together, at your navel level. this is the same motion you’d use to warm your hands on a cold day. but this time, add your healing intention and awareness to the movement.

  3. breathe in through your nose and out through your palms. bring your hands in front of you, palms facing one another. move the hands together but without touching. hold them close and feel as the energy you are breathing into your palms is rising.

  4. keep breathing through your nose and exhaling through your palms, feeling the energy increase.

  5. slowly, move your hands away from each other then back together again. after a while you will feel your Chi energy (a pressure, or slight tension, when two magnets oppose each other).

  6. now you're ready to place the Chi Ball where you need healing. move your hands slowly and focus on your intention.

the 21-Day Usui Traditions is NOT a Reiki course, that is why is open to everyone, despite being inspired by my experience as a Reiki healer and master teacher. we begin September 05th

I would love to have you join us!

the class includes: a private group on Facebook + daily emails for the duration of the course to support your practice + information to help you cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of Usui's legacy + guided meditations.


do you have any spirited soul-friends that you think would enjoy this course, or do you feel called to spread the word on social media? send them on over here.