I asked what you need to know, to my virtual The Mythic Tarot. this card often suggest the early interest in some new hobby, which starts as a mere idea or enthusiasm, but which, if cared for and developed slowly and patiently, may eventually become a full-blown vocation which yields both material and emotional rewards and fulfillment. how many of us try the necessary first small steps that might lead to something greater?

the 21-Day Usui Traditions is NOT a Reiki course, that is why is open to everyone, despite being inspired by my 12 years experience as a Reiki healer and master teacher. 

we begin Monday 05th. I would love to have you join us

for me, this course is also a new beginning. it's in English (and I'm Portuguese), it's online, it's self paced, I'm going with the flow too. the making of each class that I so much wish to share was, and the memory of it still is, a true excitement. the joy of making something special to you is really filled with gratitude.

I knew what I wanted to focus in the first week and when I started recording meditations and making the classes come true, the whole course was born in one single night. then I just had to follow the topics. I didn't sleep I was inspired and energized by its magic.

I'm so proud of those who already took the first step. I will walk beside you. join us today! we are going to be bold and courageous. we will travel in Time and so many pieces from our Past will glue together, we will learn Self healing techniques, we will meditate with the waka poems that inspired Mikao Usui on his teachings.

we will practice several distant healing techniques. we will be challenged to write ourselves a very special love letter, we will tune in with the Energy of the angelic Celestite and do a Journey into the Future possibilities our actual present hold for us. and believe it: so, so much more!

the class includes: a private group on Facebook + daily emails for the duration of the course to support your practice + information to help you cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of Usui's legacy + guided meditations (includes travel in Time)


do you have any spirited soul-friends that you think would enjoy this course, or do you feel called to spread the word on social media? send them on over here.