I'm starting today a new 40-Day mantra meditation, this time working with Saraswati. I did my first 40-Day mantra meditation working with Lakshmi (last March). and it's such a bliss to bring the divine feminine to our daily life. I'll use my 108 watermelon tourmaline beads mala necklace, every day. (on the photo below) 

about this mantra: HRIM (pronounced 'hreem') is associated with the energy of the divine feminine, the goddess, and Shakti. It speaks of her solar aspects - her inner light, her fire, passion, creativity, and forward-moving energy. it helps us to break through illusion and invites in a sense of warmth and comfort to the heart space.

it was love at first sight because it have HREEM (or HRIM) and NAMAHA from Lakshmi mantra I know by heart.. and it sounded fluent and perfect when I chanted it. and I was saying to myself YES! while I read the meaning of HRIM. and AIM is a seed and I love the thought I'll be planting forward-moving in my heart.