"Elk, your antlers reach for the Sun. show me that strength and stamina are one."

Labradorite raises consciousness, as well as Elk antlers (that represents the crown chakra), means, this month, we will be able to connect to mystical dimensions and the highest protective energies, much more easily. these qualities strengthens our faith in ourselves and aids our intuitive guidance. Labradorite is deeply connected with our mind's eye (the veil between the worlds will be thinner) but Elk energy will keep us grounded. 

Elk and Labratorite complement each other. the healing vibration of Labradorite has a high and light resonance: the frequency of soul, multidimensional healing, rebalancing and well-being on every level. it help us to understand what will make our soul at ease within our body and bring things into manifestation. while Elk medicine teaches that pacing ourselves will increase our stamina.

Elk have a curious kind of warrior energy because they honor the company of their own gender, calling on the medicine of brotherhood or sisterhood. this is a special quality that allows the friendship of others of the same sex to overcome potential competition. Elk also teaches us the need to bond and communicate with each others.

while Labradorite remind us to be careful what we wish for and to protect ourselves, from giving away our own energy, by raising our vibration to the highest levels. Elk medicine remind us of trust and fraternity. so, they both show us the way to heal our spirituality and our humanity, with wisdom and magic.