I knew this Full Moon would bring a major shift but didn't know if it would be light or heavy on us. this spread shows pure magic! Christmas Moon + Harvest Moon + The Wish = good winds are coming our way, dear friends. waves of solidarity + proficiency + wishes come true! and the world need this auspicious transformation so much. my celestite and mala beads are still cold from the night beneath the moonlight. they are under the enchantment of this Full Moon and I am in awe with the peace they radiate. I'm writing to you at dawn, and tonight (Tuesday) there is still time to recharge your crystals. choose one to sleep with you after, until the New Moon. be careful with what you wish for, this Moon is truly powerful and if your deeds contradict what you asked the lesson within might be quite the opposite. either way, it will show you the best path for your own growth. this is a holy moon, an abundance moon and a teacher. celebrate each day and plant positive seeds.