Moose is our Power Animal this month and from now on we will also have a Crystal to work with monthly.. and what a powerful ally to begin this journey! Moose belongs to the North of the medicine wheel, the place of Wisdom. while Malachite has an earthy vibration which makes it a protective and a manifesting crystal.

Self Esteem and Confidence is the medicine of Moose. their colossal antlers grow larger than those of any other antlered animal. ancient myth calls these antlers the Crown of Courage. the antlers are linked to the Crown chakra in humans. as the antlers grow, the Crown chakra opens and widens giving us a direct channel to universal knowledge.

Malachite ground energy, cleanse the past and make things happen. it resonate with the Earth Star chakra (to hold us in incarnation) and with the Root and the Sacral chakras to bring projects to fruition. this crystal has the power to detoxify our mind, body and emotions, help us to recognize deep psychosomatic causes of dis~ease and maintain our well being.

a good exercise in Moose medicine is to write down things that you can love about yourself and your progress in life. Malachite is an awesome match to do so, because it brings unconscious programs and beliefs to our understanding: allowing us to change. our deepest fears become our greatest gifts as hidden abilities come to light.

together, Moose and Malachite will transform our subconscious mind with Wisdom and Insight. to spice things a little more, I would love if you add these two allies to your altar or, if you don't have one, to create a Pinterest board specifically for them. I made a board for myself!