full moon, solstice, june 20, 2016, honey moon

*Dusk* is the moment at the very end of twilight, just before total darkness or night and it's all about what we deeply hide from ourselves. but tomorrow's Full Moon brings *bright light* inviting us to be truthful in our actions. 

both Crow and Raccoon know how to be deceptive and are good allies during the transformations in our lives. both are masters on shape shifting. both love to be high up a tree and watch everything that is going on around them. this Full Moon bring us their protection as we open our intuition to their wisdom. with these Spirit guides we can learn to appreciate the many dimensions of both reality and ourselves, and to learn to trust our intuition and personal integrity. 

be mindful of your opinions and actions. walk your talk, speak your truth. trust your intuition and personal integrity, think for yourself, don’t necessarily follow the crowd. honor the past as your teacher, honor the present as your creation and honor the future as your inspiration. keep yourself from feeding others who are too needy or too greedy.

Crow is adaptable to all environments and they can survive in almost any situation. they are surrounded by magic, unseen forces and spiritual strength. Raccoon is highly curious leaving no stone unturned. both challenge us to look beyond our present range of vision, to let go of a situation, person, belief or habit and to be open to messages and gifts offered by the Universe.

since 1948 that a Full Moon didn't occur on the same day as the Solstice.. and it will not occur again until 2094! we're blessed to witness it this Monday :)