I asked the "Kuan Yin Oracle" what we need to know today and here is the answer: the messages you have been receiving that are unconditionally loving, fearless and encouraging of you to grow and be your true Self are from your Higher Guidance. the Eight Immortals and other beings of Divine Light and Divine Love are guiding you. it is safe to follow these messages now. doing so will bring you greater joy.

sometimes you may question whether you are in contact with genuine spiritual guidance or engaging in wishful thinking! genuine guidance is simple, clear and repetitive. when you ask for confirmation, it will come. the more open you are, the more quickly the confirmation can reach you in the form of signs, conversations and serendipitous happenings. in fact confirmation and guidance can be instantaneous and from multiple unconnected sources! like the Universe is playing a joyful, loving game with you! the guidance will be uplifting and helpful. sometimes it will ask you to take a step that feels challenging, and yet true guidance always proves itself in that it only asks of you what is right and just for your highest good. it always serves the highest good of all involved in any situation, no matter what our fears might be.

it is good to be careful and discerning about the quality of guidance that you are seeking, but it is usually an easy task to identify when guidance is not of a higher vibrational variety. it will be judging, of you or others, it will not feel right (even if genuine guidance feels like it is asking you to do something unexpected or something that feels like a real stretch for you, it will still feel right in your heart to do so). genuine guidance, even when challenging, brings a sense of rightness and peace into your heart, whereas lower vibrational guidance or thoughts or wishful thinking doesn't bring you into deeper peace, it simply confuses and confirms judgment. it isn't nearly as helpful!

Eight Immortals Healing

take a pen and some paper, or your journal, and write a letter to the "Higher Guidance that Loves Me Unconditionally" and let them know what you need guidance on, or what guidance you need confirmed or revised. write the letter, read it aloud, then seal it up and place it in a sacred space, perhaps in your journal, or with a crystal on top in your bedroom or meditation space.

close your eyes and visualize Eight beings of unconditional divine love all around you. say: I call upon those beings that love me unconditionally to assist me in providing clear, helpful and unconditionally loving and true higher guidance in answer to my question. thank you, beloveds. Namaste.

let it go then and come back and re-read it in two weeks time to see if your question has already been answered through your life experiences to that date. if not, read the letter again and ask to be shown the answers in the way that serves your highest good by repeating the visualization and request if necessary.

A Prayer to the Eight Immortals

I call upon the Eight Immortals that love me unconditionally and shine the light of peace and spiritual power upon me now, I understand that no matter what happens in my life, there are blessings underneath it. please, help me find my clarity, wisdom, guidance and truths to reveal the blessings and grow now. Namaste, beloveds. thank you for your help! Om Mani Padme Hum.