the Maiden Ma Gu, Goddess of Spring, healing and transformation, brings us assistance now. you are asked to honor that light can come from even the darkest beginnings, beloved one. in fact, sometimes we need to enter into the unknown parts of ourselves to find exactly what we need to grow in peace, creative self fulfillment and happiness. the challenge can be to trust that we will arise from this darker place again. just as the Spring always follows the Winter, beloved, so too will any inner work with the shadow precede a beautiful rebirth for you.

in order to grow spiritually there are times when we simply must delve within and find our shadow. it is easier to perceive the effect of the shadow than the shadow itself. the effect of the shadow is judgment - positive or negative - of another that we do not think is related to us personally. we may mightily admire or despise characteristics or traits in another, and yet when such judgment arise it is a part of us that is seeking to be integrated and expressed, trying to get our attention through our judgment. noticing our judgment of others is the quickest way to get in touch with the Shadow Self trying to grow and heal into our conscious awareness so that we can become more whole, empowered and divinely delicious as we were always meant to be!

admiring a great talent in another with strong reaction or judgment - positive or negative - might be a part of your own psyche wishing to grow and express itself with similar confidence and freedom too. if we can be kind, allow the feelings to come up and to pass without fearing them, then eventually the beauty underneath will reveal itself too. you are guided by Mother Divine Kuan Yin through the Maiden Ma Gu to sense what beauty within you could be underneath these judgments, trying to make it's way into your conscious awareness, bringing you more of your Self to enjoy and share with the world.

be patient and open-minded as you wait for your intuition to help you realize what is growing within you, triggering your judgment of another. if it is anger you see in others, it will be strength growing in you. if it is manipulation you see in others, it will be a desire to be direct and own your needs within you that is growing. the Shadow holds great beauty within, beloved, and there is no need to fear it. 

Maiden Ma Gu's special blessing to you is to realize that you will soon enter the Spring of rebirth with this process. entering into the Shadow Self can be like going into a spiritual Winter - it can feel dark and alone delving into the parts of us that we might prefer not to look at too closely! allow the process that is happening for you to bring more of you to light. don't be scared! you might not have been ready to see yourself as an empowered, spiritual, musical, creative, healthy or talented being in the past, and yet now you are more ready for this - so embrace it. have trust in beloved Kuan Yin that these energies only seek expression when the psyche is ready for it.

:: healing with Maiden Ma Gu ::

close your eyes and sit comfortably. imagine that you sit with beautiful Spring Goddess Ma Gu, with her basket of fresh blossoms falling all around you. it is a beautiful temperate Spring day and you are in a sacred field of blossoms. she gestures ahead and you sense a figure approaching.

it is you, but a future you, more whole and complete, with a message for you from your highest possible future. let this part of you speak to you, bring you love and any guidance that is helpful for you to hear now. you might not hear words, in which case just look for the love in your eyes reflected back to you, or even imagine that the future you and the current you can touch each other's hearts, gently resting your hand on each other's chests.

Maiden Ma Gu sprinkles blossoms around you both and when you are ready, you follow the breath and come back into your body in the here and now. sit for a few moments peacefully, without thinking, and when you are ready just open your eyes.

:: Spring healing prayer of Kuan Yin and Maiden Ma Gu ::

beloved Kuan Yin and Spring Goddess Maiden Ma Gu, thank you for your unconditionally loving help now. I ask to be helped in knowing myself more fully and allowing that part of me that is seeking expression now, to emerge in a conscious, loving and empowering way. may I know and live all of myself, beloved ones, may my life be filled with light, energy and warmth, like Springtime after the Winter, for the highest good of all. Om Mani Padme Hum!