although Hares and Rabbits look similar, they have very different symbolism.  Hare is bigger than Rabbit, has longer ears, and possesses more powerful hind legs. Hare is more solitary and tougher than Rabbit. Hares are connected to both the Earth element and to the Lunar energies of the Moon. the gestation period of a Hare is 28 days, the same time as the Moon. Hares are quick with the ability to twist and turn. as a totem or power animal Hare teaches us to aim for our dreams and not let anything get in our path.

Hare is an independent, solitary animal that often lives alone. unlike Rabbits, Hares cannot be tamed. they have a wild nature to them. they are the totem of people who like to run free. Hares have been associated with magic and the ability to walk between worlds and connect to the other world. Hare is a totem of mystery, fertility, magic, transformation, receiving of hidden teachings and intuitive messages and clairaudience. Hare teaches fearlessness by having a 360° view of the world, by sensing real danger and by being able to change directions without warning.

the Spirit of Hare can indicate a leap of faith or a lucky coincidence. serendipity is working in your favor. intuition and feelings are usually accurate. ideas formed under Hare energy may seem crazy to those who lack the same scope of vision. a sign of fertility and abundance, Hare is associated with the March Equinox. Hare energy can enhance your psychic sensitivity and creativity. Hare loves to play. if Hare is appearing to you it may be that she is appearing now to remind you to take time to play - to leap with joy and celebrate life. after all, life is worth celebrating!