this meditation develops our ability to love. relax. inhale and exhale deeply three times, one for the mind, one for the body and one for the soul. start by feeling a dolphin in front of you. feel a golden rope coming out of your root chakra (in the region of the coccyx) and joining the chakra of the dolphin's root. then feel a multicolored string from the center of the Universe entering your crown chakra (on top of the head) and down to your heart, joining the heart of the dolphin. now, feel a multicolored rope coming from the center of the Earth, entering through your root chakra and rising to your heart, uniting with the heart of the dolphin. feel the dolphin approaching and let yourself dive into their pure energy. feel yourself reborn in this friend's energy. stay in this warmth as long as you want. in the end, thank the dolphin and release the strings that have united you in the heart and root.