(the little Angel came home with me last night.. serendipitously in harmony with this weekend oracle card)

(the little Angel came home with me last night.. serendipitously in harmony with this weekend oracle card)

you have won a victory beloved, a victory over the past and the Amaryllis Lute is sounding through every cell of your being, heralding your rising vibration as you leave fear behind you once again. in fact the Lute says you are growing fast and spiritually, you are outgrowing your old life, beloved. this is natural. it is safe and loving for you to release that which no longer feels right for you, no matter how much it was important in your old life, it might not have the same place in your new life.

the more you allow yourself to raise your vibration, to shine victorious in your journey from fear to peace, the more you will be able to benefit from the quick unfoldment of your higher destiny in your life. the Amaryllis Lute calls you upwards into your own soul vibration.


find a private space in nature or in your home where you can walk around in a spiral, starting at the center and moving outwards. if you cannot do this exercise physically, you can imagine it in your mind's eye. start in the center and say: "I now choose to release that which no longer serves my vibration, that which has held me back in fear or poverty-consciousness, in illness, or co-dependency, I release it, and I set myself free to be more of ME in love, peace and power, so be it!"

begin to walk around the spiral, in whatever direction feels good for you. imagine that with each conscious step inside of you a beautiful Lute which releases Amaryllis flowers into your heart is sounded. imagine that with each sound, your vibration is rising, like your Soul sounding a higher note, and you are releasing old energies. take your time and stay with the process.

as you start to walk, keep your steps very small and as you make the spiral bigger, move outwards with bigger steps until you feel lighter and freer (or have run out of room!). once you are finished say: "I honor this commitment to myself - I will allow raising my vibration to be a priority. I give myself permission to do this now in loving service to my Soul and the planet! so be it!"


your beauty triumphs, your sound so pure causes my heart to soar. my vibration rises and my cells are flooded with divine light. I know myself as Love. Om Mani Padme Hum!