Black/Light Friday arrived to the Angelic Healing School too! from Today through Sunday 27th you can sign up to the 21-Day Usui Traditions Class and to the 11-Day Exclusive Angelic Class with 40% Off of their regular value! or you can sign up both courses in a Bundle with a very special price! Hurry!



this class is for you if you..

  • want to connect with your Angels 

  • want to develop your intuition

  • want to learn Angelic healing


the course is self-paced and begin on January 11th, 2017. includes: a private group on Facebook + daily emails to support your practice + connection with Divine Mother + Guardian Angels + Higher Self + Intuitive Self + Angelic Healing + Distant Healing + Attunement with your team of Angels + guided meditations and much more..

message I have received..

"we are going to talk about lightness. it is like dreams. and requires the ability to dream. you take challenges too personally and make them a problem. the curious thing is that you take them to the right place! only do not open your hearts to the message. you protect your hearts with a shield of doubts and fears. and the healing touches you only at the surface. all challenges have their own solution in themselves. lightness is fundamental to accept them. is the first step to eliminate the problems. accept them as challenges. lightness is like dreams: it is volatile. and requires the ability to dream: that renew your hope on happiness. remember that you have wings."

I would love to have you join me! 



this class is for you if you..

  • want to deepen your spiritual practice

  • want to regain inner calm and confidence

  • want to feel gratitude and discipline

  • want to learn to seize the day

this course is self-paced, you can begin any time. includes: a private group on Facebook + Sunday ebooks with the content for the whole week, through the duration of the course, to support your practice + information to help you cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of Usui's legacy + guided meditations (and travel in time).

this is NOT a Reiki course.

the 21-Day Class is focused on meditation and self healing, inspired by my 12 years experience as a Usui's master, and that is why is open to everyone. I will lead you through the Reiki Principles, as a Life's Philosophy, with guided meditations.

did you know Japanese doesn't have negative sentences? the way I translate and teach the Reiki Principles have spread in my country, thanks to the dozens of Masters I have attuned since 2004, and have a very personal twist.

a testimony from a student..

"I really enjoyed this course. It had so many wonderful exercises and meditations. I gained more knowledge to help me with my spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. Thank you!"

I would love to have you join me!