while Lynx is the keeper of the secrets of lost magic and knowledge, Selenite invoke mental clarity and divine inspiration. Lynx has the ability to move through time and space and to go into the Great Silence for unraveling any mystery and Selenite is believed to be crystallized divine light.

Lynx is not the - guardian - of secrets, but the - knower - of secrets. to be confronted by the powerful medicine of Lynx signifies that we do not know something about ourselves or others. be prepared for challenges and changes. this is a month of great healing, if we follow Lynx guidance and invoke Selenite's energy.

pulling Lynx and Selenite cards means we should listen to our higher self. be still and pay attention to the revelations we receive either in form of mental pictures or overheard conversations. you can be sure Mother Earth is signaling to us in some manner.

Lynx can teach us of our personal power and of things we have forgotten about ourselves. she can lead us to lost treasures and connect us to forgotten sisterhoods or brotherhoods. Selenite remind us clarity is needed as well as bringing spirituality - the divine light - to inspire the future. reconciliation is possible, if we make the first move.

both Energies bring revelations that will enlighten us.