this month Spirit Guides bring great kindness and an "old" friend. both have the power to show us answers, as long as we evoke their Energies. to heal, love and strengthen our faith in ourselves. plus the blessings of the Black New Moon (September 30th for the Western Hemispheres and October 30th and 31st for the Eastern and South Hemispheres) this is a month of great peace and growth.

Deer means we're being asked to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds. and will be teaching us to love others as they are. her Energy is what we need for solving any dilemma. we may not be willing to love ourselves enough to feel our fears and gently let them go. at any rate, Love is the key.

Labradorite or "The Minds Eye" raises our consciousness to connect to mystical dimensions and the highest protective energies. it assists in safely acessing past, present and future. it strengthens our faith in ourselves and helps our intuitive guidance. keep yourself grounded.