Meditation With Your Higher Self + Angelic Class

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in the Angelic Class we go deeper on our work with our Higher Self. this Class is Exclusive because it includes two 1:1 private video-calls with each student. I'm willing to invest my time on you!

I'm a certified Hypnotherapist and these video-calls include a 1:1 Regression, with the Reiki protection and healing Energy, to seek answers to what the Class will reveal. will you join me? 

the course is self paced, 11-Day Exclusive Angelic Class, begin July 11th. I would love to have you join us!

this Class also includes: a private group on Facebook + daily emails for the duration of the course to support your practice + 1:1 Attunement with your team of Angels + guided meditations, and much more..

all students have access to a Exclusive virtual tribe which gathers once a month for Q&A and to practice healing meditations.




May 1st ‘till May 7th Live Videos


May is my birth month and, to celebrate my New Year, I'll be doing a daily Live video in the Angelic School Tribe group during the whole month.. starting tomorrow :) every weekend I’ll share the topics for the week ahead. join our sisterhood today :)

Monday, 1st: introduce myself. where am I from? talk about my family.

Tuesday, 2nd: talk about my business. why did I start it? for how long?

Wednesday, 3rd: what is my favorite memory with my family last year?

Thursday, 4th: who are 3 people I admire and respect? why?

Friday, 5th: what are 3 stress relieving tips I can offer?

Saturday, 6th: how do I practice gratitude? what am I grateful for?

Sunday, 7th: what are 3 lessons I learned last year?

xxo, Ana




10 Ways to Protect Yourself from other People’s Energy


for an empath, being out in public can be challenging and leave us feeling anxious and drained. here are a few effective ways to protect yourself and a few tactics to pull out as and when needed.

mirrored energy ball of light: every day, visualize yourself surrounded by a huge vibrant mirrored ball of protection. do it before you plan to go out in public. believe it's there and know it's protecting you from other’s energy.

salt: you probably already know of salt amazing healing properties. it clears negative energies and also helps protect you from absorbing them. add it to you bath, use as a body scrub and include it in your diet. choose unrefined organic salt (pink Himalayan rock salt is best).

crystals: they offer us protection from all sorts of negative energies. they can also protect us from electro-magnetic energy. choose the ones you most resonate with. 

essential oils: the power of essential oils has been known through the ages. as well as their amazing healing qualities, essential oils can help build a powerful energetic armor. like crystals, choose the ones you most resonate with. 

yoga: a short daily practice is a powerful protective tool for the empath. amongst many other amazing benefits, yoga helps balance and build your energy body, which in turn acts as an invisible force field.

singing: sound affects us on many levels energetically. yogis have used sound for thousands of years, because they know its power. singing raises your frequency, making negative energy bounce off. 

breath-work: certain breathing techniques can work wonders for energy protection. the alternate nostril breathing, for example, is a technique that quiets the mind and bliss you out. it's great to do before bedtime, especially if you have a wired monkey mind. it also balances masculine and feminine energies within the body. (to achieve the greatest benefits of any yoga breathing technique you should try to practice every day, at least 5 minutes)

close your eyes: (for obvious reasons, this should only be done when it's safe) in noisy, highly charged places closing your eyes can protect you from so much. it is doubly effective if you practice a breathing technique at the same time. when you open your eyes again, you will find the energies that had been previously pounding you, has bounced off.

skip caffeine: any kind of stimulant leaves the empath wide open energetically. too much coffee, for example, can leave you vulnerable to other people’s energy.

balance your hormones: this is possibly the most important and most effective of all these techniques. your hormones are directly linked to your chakras, meaning they affect both your physical and energetic bodies. if your hormones are out of whack you will not be able to balance your own energy. 

did you find these techniques useful? do you know more you can share with us in a comment? leave us a love note.




Listen to Your Intuition. How to Read Emotions.


emotions are a stunning expression of our energy, the “vibe” we give off. we register these with intuition. some people feel good to be around; they improve our mood and vitality. others are draining; we instinctively want to get away. this “subtle energy” can be felt meters or feet from the body, though it‘s invisible.

emotional energy is contagious. it can make the difference between a toxic and a healthy relationship. it‘s crucial to get a clear read on this aspect of anyone you plan to regularly interact with. then, you can decide whether a relationship will be successful based on your energetic compatibility.

when reading emotions, realize that what others say or how they appear frequently don‘t match their energy. you need to let go of the notion that what you see is what you always get. a friend seems cheerful but you sense that she‘s hurting inside. realize: just because people smile doesn't mean they’re happy. or just because people are reserved, doesn't mean they’re not joyful.

the energy transmitted by someone’s smile and presence tells the truth about where they’re at. so, correlate a person‘s energy with their emotions. most people aren't being intentionally misleading - often they don‘t know what they feel or project. they might tell you one thing - and believe it - but you‘ll learn to decode their emotions.

here, the surrender to focus on is saying “yes” to the messages your body sends. your mind may want to talk you out of your body‘s wisdom. don‘t allow it to. reading energy lets you attune to how you relate to people, who you feel comfortable around and who you don‘t. to avoid unhealthy relationships, you must let go of trying to convince yourself of anything the body‘s intuition doesn't tell you.

to help with this surrender, here‘s what to do: when identifying how you energetically respond to others always ask: how does my body feel? does my energy go up or down? then follow your body‘s lead rather than resisting it. to experience the pleasure of compatible relationships, use the following tips.

sense people’s presence – this is the overall energy we emit, not necessarily congruent with words or behavior. it‘s the emotional atmosphere surrounding us like a rain cloud or the sun. as you read people notice: does their overall energy feel warm? calming? uplifting? invigorating like a breath of fresh air? or is it draining? cold? detached? do they have a friendly presence that attracts you? or are you getting the willies, making you back off. 

watch people’s eyes – we can make love or hate with our eyes. just as the brain has an electromagnetic signal extending beyond the body, studies indicate that the eyes project this too. take time to observe people‘s eyes. are they caring? sexy? tranquil? mean? angry? the way others look at you can make you feel adored or fearful. also determine: is there someone at home in their eyes, indicating a capacity for intimacy? or do they seem to be guarded or hiding? 

notice the feel of a handshake, hug and touch – we share emotional energy through physical contact much like an electrical current. ask yourself: does a handshake or hug feel warm, comfortable, confident? or is it off-putting so you want to withdraw? are people‘s hands clammy, signaling anxiety. or limp, suggesting being non-committal and timid? is their grip too strong, even crushing your fingers, indicating aggression or over control?

listen for people’s tone of voice – the tone and volume of our voice can tell much about our emotions. sound frequencies create vibrations. some frequencies we hear. below an audible range, sound can be felt (think of a bass’ vibration). when reading people, notice how their tone of voice affects you. words ride the energy of tone, its warmth and coldness. ask yourself: does their tone feel soothing? or is it abrasive, snippy, or whiny? are they a soft-talker or mumbler whom you can barely hear, signs of patience or low self-esteem?

sense people’s heart energy – the most important aspect to read about energy is whether people exude a sense of heart. this is the loving-kindness in us, our capacity for empathy, giving and connection. when heart is present you‘ll feel the warmth of unconditional love emanating from others which makes you feel safe and at ease. it‘s the unspoken sense of being accepted, not judged. no one can fake this. our heart presence builds through our good intentions, deeds and emotional work to overcome fear and negativity. the heart is the most positive quality anyone can have. it‘s healthy to be drawn to it.

reading energy is a game-changer. it enables you to see past fantasies or desires to pinpoint someone‘s motivations by sensing invisible messages they give off. in your life, get used to reading people‘s emotions. factor what you sense into your total assessment. maybe just a single red flag will appear so you‘re not sure what to do. then, take your time. watch how people treat you. notice if their words back up their behavior. the purpose of reading energy is to become more empathic by sensing the nuances of different personalities. stay alert to the signals energy sends so that you can see the whole person.

agree? disagree? share your loving kindness in a comment below :)

post inspired by Judith Orloff’s book The Power of Surrender: Let Go and Energize Your Relationships, Success, and Well-Being. Copyright © 2014 by Judith Orloff, MD. All rights reserved.




Monday *Magical* Wallpaper

hello magical tribe,

new month, new gifts.. as promised :) today I chose a sunset and the Moon to beautify our computer and also our cellphone. click on the photo to download the original desktop and on the links for Android or iPhone cell or tablet.

new month, new changes as well.. since I don't want to overload your mailbox, this month I am trying a new recipe: Monday + Wednesday + Friday.. starting this week. still wallpapers, still Tarot and still videos and real life. your feedback is much welcome! 

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New Moon Meditation to Release and Healing

recorded under the moonlight, whilst the lower resolution.. best to listen with earphones :) 

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Today's Workshop + Especially For You

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FREE Workshop on Friday, March 24th 2017 = 08:30pm GMT


hello beloved sisters,

I'm thrilled to announce the School first FREE workshop, happening Friday March 24th at 08:30pm GMT! check here your time zone :) you're much welcome to join.. it will be a mix of playfulness, meditation, presentation of the school mission and of May 11th Angelic Class surprises.. 

there will be a woo woo quiz and a guided meditation with your Temple Priestess! please join the special mailing list for this event..




Moon 99% Full + 6:36pm + Portugal


I thought on removing the cross with Photoshop but then I paused and felt the photo.. and realized it would be just an ordinary photo without it.. so here is the original version.. the cross is from the highest hight of the main Church.




*I am on Video* Friday Newsletter

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this week I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do a longer video for the Newsletter.. and that is what I will be sharing every Friday, from now on (this time I jumped without a guideline and had to repeat it several times, because was having too many blank spaces.. until I run out of natural light and time flew).. I did a small reading for this Sunday's Full Moon and added snippets of new projects and of our tribe on the Facebook group, on the video below.

password: AngelWings

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bonus: today's Moon, five hours ago, from my corner of the world.

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