I am Ana Eugénio, a mystic healer, a holistic master/teacher since 2004, Founder of the Angelic Healing School, of the Angelic School Tribe, Creatrix of the Angelic Class, and a *soulpreneur* on a mission: to empower women, healers and meditation practitioners by providing online classes to help you grow!

I didn't plan to create this School, never thought about it, but one day I had bought the domain and was building this site! because it felt like the next step to take! I don't usually question leaps of faith. I've done a few over the years.

the leap of faith that brought me here was when I answered an ad, in 1996, and moved across the country to go live my dream as a Journalist. I built my life there. until I jumped into the Holistic world in 2003 (without knowing what it meant) after practicing meditation for a year, and turned my Life upside down!

started learning Reiki after a spiritual breakthrough, then Karuna, then many more healing Energy methods followed. quit my corporate job in 2004, jumped into the unknown without no savings, a mortgage and all the bills a life, a kitten and a home implies! and the next weekend I was teaching my first Reiki class with four attendees, from a wee ad I had placed one single day on a newspaper! and I rebuilt my life.

then, in 2008, my body became ill and I had to leave everything behind and focus on distant teaching. I am a healer who loves to help people who want to be helped, not people who want someone to fix them without allowing them to learn their Life's lessons! I am the healer I would had love to have found for myself!  

the Angelic Class is a healing process that prepare us to heal others through our own experience. a Class personalized with 1:1 video-calls and guided meditations. I am not comfortable being a healer without teaching, because what fulfills me the most is to help women to open their wings.

when my body became ill I felt disenchanted and lost faith in myself! but the Angels were always present! especially when I went through my own hell. I am connected to my team of Angels since birth, I have always spoken with them. so, on the day I found myself creating this site, in 2016, I felt guided, I felt like returning home again. 


p.s. my "kitten" is now a healthy 14 years old female cat who doesn't leave my side. she is my furry Angel and my Life companion. when my sister told me her cat was pregnant I said I wanted a female (because it is harder to find them a home) and four kittens were born: three males and one female. we were meant for each other since the beginning.


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